Tribe 16T-CKV


Lightweight Touring Canoe


Based on the Classic Tribe 16T shape but upgraded with the quiet water Carbon/Kevlar layup.  With its fine entry lines, zero rocker and flat  hull this is a very fast canoe which needs minimal correction at the end of the stroke.  Family members will love the stability whilst tandem paddlers will appreciate the effortless mile eating characteristics.

Inspired by designs used to cross vast Canadian lakes, this is the perfect canoe for those who like their paddling adventures to be on flat water.  Learn to love the lakes, lochs, loughs, canals and smooth rivers.  With a gentle shear the wind will have little effect on your direction of travel.

Another benefit of the Carbon/Kevlar layup is that it's easily manageable by one person for car topping.  As standard the vinyl gunwales are durable and look smart, however, this canoe certainly benefits from upgrading to the beautiful oak gunwales for a stunning canoe that will draw the crowds.


Construction:  Carbon/Kevlar®/glass laminate with vinylester resin 

Gunwales:        vinyl

Seats:                standard ash wood seats

Yoke:                 deep dished ash yoke

Colour:              White


Length:             15ft 10in, 4.82m

Width:               33in, 0.84m

Weight:             27Kg


Finished Canoe            £1,599


Wood Gunwales – solid                  £200

Wood Gunwales – scuppered       £250

Ash Wood Comfort Seats                 £20