Hopefully you will spend many happy hours in your canoe.  With this in mind we have created a wide range of seats to ensure you remain comfortable all day.

Most seat types are made with 38mm wide webbing, which comes as standard in black.  If however, you would like to match or contrast the colour of your seats to your canoe, then you can choose from royal blue, red, brown or tan at no additional cost.

Ash Wood Standard


This comfortable seat is flat in profile and is ideal for those who prefer to sit or paddle two up.  It comes with durable webbing over an oiled frame. 

Ash Wood Comfort


Known around here as the bendy seat, it is loved by those who prefer to kneel some of the time.  The shape makes it easier when paddling solo with the canoe heeled over too.

Kneeling Thwart


Designed for the purists in the same oiled ash wood, this is for the fans of the original canoeing experience.

Kneeling Seat


Very popular with solo paddlers, it combines the comfort of the web seats with the open stance of the kneeling thwart. The seat uses the same bendy spars as the Comfort seat and is approximately two thirds the depth, and the whole is then mounted at an angle to relieve the pressure on the back of the legs when kneeling. 



For those who simply love the traditional, there is always the option of genuine woven cane seats. Using real cane and a six-way weave pattern, they are comfortable and give your canoe an extra touch of class.

Plastic Moulded


The true zero maintenance option which can be matched with vinyl gunwales.  Ideal if the canoe is to be stored outside on the ground.


Your choice of gunwales is as important as any other part of the canoe.  All gunwales fitted by Apache are top quality examples of their type and will compliment your canoe and your requirements for its use perfectly.



Standard on most models, these gunwales are smart, durable and maintenance free.  For canoes that will live a hard life, either on whitewater, or just sitting on the patio, they are the obvious choice.

Wood - Standard

Wooden gunwales will make your canoe stand out from the crowd.  With an oiled finish they are lovely to the touch.  Simply re-coat with oil from time to time to keep them looking good for many years.

Traditionally, canoe gunwales have been made from ash, however, long planks of ash are becoming scarce and occasionally when they are unavailable we use oak instead.  Some manufacturers will join shorter lengths, however, our experience is that the join will fail at some point and leave you needing an expensive repair.  We prefer to use whole single lengths and hence the reason for switching to oak, which is visually very similar and in fact costs us more! 

Wood - Scuppered

Adding practicality to the beauty of the Standard wooden gunwales by adding slots in the inwale.  The slots can be used to secure your gear if you don't wish to lace your canoe, however, they really help when emptying water out in the event that you've shipped some over the side or been caught in heavy rain.




A great way to portage around obstacles or simply carry the canoe to the water from the car, this oiled ash wood yoke is just the job.

Not available on Tribe 16F models with 3 seats.

Deep Dished

If you intend carrying your canoe a little more often or further, or are simply looking for the last word in comfort, this is the one for you.