Open Canoe Association

Founded in 1956 and exists to promote the use of open canoes for independent adventure, exploration, journeying and self-development.  Their words but great fun and well run meets for a modest subscription.

Song of the Paddle

The online home for those with a love of, or an interest in, open canoes and canoeing.  This is the best forum on the Web.  If you can't find the answer to your question here, it doesn't exist!  What's more it's free; donations are accepted.

British Canoeing

Supporting canoeing and kayaking in the Uk for leisure and sport.  For most, it's the license to paddle canals and the insurance cover that make the membership fee well worth it.  They are also taking a proactive role in the campaign for better access.

Paddle Points

Want to know where to paddle your canoe?  Look no further than this site.  Contributions from thousands of users keeps the information on where to launch, hazards to avoid, type of paddling, river levels etc., is all there for your enjoyment.

Wilderness Mind

Journalist and canoe fanatic, Mal Grey, is a legend on Song of the Paddle for his extensive trips and corresponding photographic blogs.  Here is his guide to having your own wilderness adventure, even if it's in your own back yard.

Ray Goodwin Coaching

Famous TV personality (sic), author and altogether great bloke, Ray Goodwin, has more qualification stars to his name than the Great Bear.  More importantly, he is just as happy taking novices on their first tentative dip in a lake as he is leading wild eyed white water fanatics down grade 5 rapids (3 in an open boat!). 

Photographer Afloat

Amateur photographer, Gordon Gibbons, is not only a keen paddler, of an Apache canoe no less, but also a keen observer of the great outdoors through the lens of his camera.  He recently held his first exhibition and we highly recomend having a look at his site, for nothing more than the pleasure of it.

Route Planning

If you're wondering how long your planned paddle is, then Plotaroute is here to help.  There are many routes listed so you may even find your route has already been done and has some helpful information attached.  Otherwise, it's a great way to record it for your friends to try later.