All Apache canoes are highly versatile and can be used for having fun on the water in many different ways.   To help choose the most appropriate canoe for the type of paddling you want to do, we have grouped our models into three types Trekk, Tribe and Trax.



The most popular Apaches, these canoes are optimised for strength and durability at a weight that is manageable for one person out of the water.

In the water, the stiff hulls, made from either pure fibreglass or state of the art composites, deliver effortless speed and response to the paddle.

Beginners will quickly learn to love them and, over time, they continue to reward as skills develop.  Trekks come in 4 sizes  between 12ft and 16ft for one or two paddlers.



Hot on the heels, in terms of popularity, to the Trekk, these are the family fun boats.  The large one is longer and wider, able to carry more weight for extra paddlers on family outings.

The hull is flatter giving that instant feeling of confidence from the high primary stability, with low rocker to ensure they track beautifully with minimum correction stroke from the stern paddler.

When taking a break from family load duties, the single paddler will still find plenty to amuse themselves by heeling the canoe, to increase the response to the paddle, making playtime all the more fun.

The small one is a perfect starting point for your young adventurer at only 12ft.



These are the racing thoroughbreds. Cut from a very different cloth to the Trekk and Tribe models, quite literally in some cases, they are made for minimum weight to thrill the racers out there.

By using different resins and materials the hulls are designed to move effortlessly through the water.  Created for the expert, they will respond instantly, the narrow, arched hulls making rapid headway and giving maximum reward to those who master the sit and switch technique.  These boats are used by multi-winners of the famous Liffey Descent race.

Obviously, with the stiffness and lightness of the materials, they will be less durable than the Trekk and Tribe models, so don't expect them to take as much abuse without requiring some maintenance.

Typical racers then.