Edenwood Solo


Solo tripping and quiet water canoe

Whilst Apache canoes are general purpose boats with all types of water conditions catered for, the Edenwood Solo started life with a very different set of capabilities in mind.  Created by Tim Rowe, it is a clean sheet design inspired by such famous craft as Bell's Magic and Wenonah's Prism and Argosy models.  Being a long time resident in the Lake District, Tim required a canoe to fulfil his needs as an open water paddler.  Specifically, it can cross a windy lake, handling the chop with good tracking and speed.

With its asymmetric hull, the load carrying capacity is biased to the stern, providing perfect trim from the solo seat as well as good maneuverability for a canoe in this class.  The hull has a shallow arch with the widest point being above the waterline to aid secondary stability.  The tumblehome to the narrow gunwales makes it easy to paddle from a comfortable central position.  And did we mention it's fast?  It will easily keep pace with a tandem canoe.

The design is detailed with lovely cosmetic touches such as a  sheer line rising smoothly from the centre, traditional re-curved ends and wooden gunwales on the Carbon-Kevlar model.

In summary, if you are looking for a canoe dedicated to lakes, lochs, loughs, canals or deep rivers then the Edenwood Solo should certainly be on your shortlist and we'll be happy to let you try it against other canoes in the Apache range.


Construction:  Two construction  types are available to suit your budget: 

                            Carbon/Kevlar® composite with vinylester          

                            Fibreglass mat with Polyester Resin

Gunwales:       Wood on Carbon/Kevlar model, Vinyl on Fibregass Model 

Seat:                  Single standard wood seat, or kneeling seat                          

Yoke:                 Deep Dished  

Colour:              Choose from Select colour range                                             


Length:             14ft 10in, 4.52m                                                                             

Width:               29in, 0.74m maximum, 27in, 0.69 at gunwales                   

Weight:             23Kg Carbon/Kevlar®  Composite or 30Kg Fibreglass      


Finished Canoe in Carbon/Kevlar           £1,699

Finished Canoe in Fibreglass                     £979


As with other models from Apache, the Edenwood solo is available as a finished canoe.  If you would like us to fit out your canoe for touring, including buoyancy bags, lacing and cargo loops, this service is available in the "Ready to Play" model for an additional  £250.