Apache Canoes



Stu Stobbs is known and respected throughout the paddling community for making beautiful canoes.  As owner, he has led Apache for the last 14 years, making canoes that have travelled the world and won races at home and abroad.

His philosophy is to provide the right craft for each and every customer at a price they want to pay, every time.  It works too, as customers come back repeatedly and tell their friends how delighted they are!

With over 30 years experience with the use of composites, his boats are built with expertise and precision. The composites are selected to be correct for the purpose, rather than following fashion.

Design Principles

Best described as semi-custom build, as we don't design each one from scratch, the canoe starts life as a model from the extensive range.  Choices are then made and options selected to create a canoe that is personal to each owner.

Just as there is pleasure in having a suit fitted as opposed to selecting from the rack, there is a real joy in taking delivery of a beautifully crafted canoe, fitted out to your requirements.  So why choose a canoe from Apache?  Well, we believe that our principles speak for themselves:


Irrespective of which material is selected, all Apache canoes are designed to be lighter than their mass-produced counterparts, whilst at the same time being stiffer.  Even our  durable “Classic” construction makes a canoe that is highly responsive and fast through the water.

Customer Care

Throughout the process, from selection of the right model, to finishing of the canoe, you will have access to the builder to discuss the finer details. Once part of the Apache family you will have the full support of the team. 


In every aspect of your build you will have a choice.  With many thousands of permutations, you will easily be able to choose a boat which is entirely unique.  Compare this to the basic selections you have with normal production canoes from either side of the Atlantic.