Apache e-kits

For the home builder looking for easy entry to Apache ownership

This is your opportunity to own a brand new Apache canoe at a bargain price, actually £99 off the price of Classic kits.  

If you're comfortable using tools to cut, drill and rivet, you can assemble your canoe from our comprehensive kit in a few hours, with support and advice from the factory.

What's in the kit?

  • Complete hull moulded in fibreglass mat, infused with polyester resin with white gel coat on the outside and ivory flow coat on the inside.
  • Black vinyl gunwales and spacers.
  • Black fibreglass end deck mouldings.
  • One or two ash seats with black webbing, depending on the model.
  • Ash carrying yoke or thwart on Trekk 12S-e
  • Two ash carrying handles.
  • Full kit of hardware comprising all necessary rivets, bolts, washers and nuts.

Collect from the workshop in Wirral.

These kits are only available directly from the on-line shop, hence e-Kit designation.

If you are at all unsure of the best canoe for you, or you want to flex the options on your canoe, then the pricing on the Classic Canoes main pages will apply.  This includes telephone advice, customised specifications etc.  You can still have Classic canoes in kit form, just not quite at the -e pricing!

Which Canoes?

Choose from any of the canoes in the Classic range and read all about their specifications and their ideal usage.  See below for the Classic canoe range

Once you've selected the right model for you, simply go along to the Shop (choose "More" in the bar above) and place your order.

You will receive an acknowledgement and an estimate of when your kit will be ready for collection.