Trekk 16T-FMP


Tandem Tripping Canoe

Optimised for rivers up to grade 3, lakes and canals.  With an arched hull and plenty of rocker this is the boat for those who take joy in the art of paddling.  With lower freeboard than others in the range, it is at home on open water where its extra length, combined with the hull shape, give a lovely response to subtle paddle strokes.

The symmetrical hull makes the Trekk 16T versatile, working equally well for two or paddled solo.  The secondary stability makes it perfect for solo paddlers wishing to  practise their canoe handling skills.  On white water, up to Grade 3, the hull rides effortlessly through the rapids, whilst the arch absorbs the buffeting for a smooth passage to the next eddy.

The Trekk 16T has long been the favourite of Apache enthusiasts.

* pictured with optional ash gunwales


Construction:  fibreglass with polyester resin lay-up

Gunwales:        vinyl

Seat:                  two standard ash wood seats

Yoke:                 standard ash

Colour:              choose from Select range


Length:              15ft 10in, 4.82m

Width:                32in, 0.81m

Weight:              30Kg


Finished Canoe                £929

Kit                                         £739


Wood Gunwales - solid                  £200

Wood Gunwales – scuppered      £250

Ash Wood Comfort Seat                   £10

Deep Dished Yoke                             £25