Apache 16S-CKV


Solo tripping and quiet water canoe

For those who seek a more responsive craft for use on lakes, canals and rivers, together with more portability, then this version of the Trekk 16S may just be the one for you.  Our lowest mass Trekk material, combined with Oak Standard gunwales make this lightest Trekk 16 in the range.  The stiffness of the carbon makes every paddle stroke more effective, so your muscles have an easier time and the fun lasts longer.

With its elegant lines, this is a favourite among Apache paddlers who appreciate beauty in form and function.


Construction:  Carbon/Kevlar®/glass laminate with vinylester resin

Gunwales:       Wood - solid

Seat:                  single standard ash wood seat, kneeling thwart or ash wood kneeling seat

Yoke:                 standard

Colour:              White


Length:             15ft 10in, 4.82m

Width:               32in, 0.81m

Weight:             23Kg


Finished Canoe        £1,699


Wood Gunwales – scuppered                    £50

Vinyl Gunwales (reduction)                    -£200

Ash Wood Comfort Seat                              £10

Ash Seat with Hand Woven Cane           £100

Deep Dished Yoke                                         £25

Dryline Boating in the Trekk 16S-CKV