Apache 15T-CKV


Tandem day trip canoe or solo tripping canoe

The most popular model in the range due to its all-round appeal, with a great combination of stability, nimble handling and straight-line tracking.  This is compact one to do it all.  Optimised for one person and enough gear for camping or alternatively a passenger for the day paddling rivers, canals or lakes.

In the carbon/Kevlar®/glass composite, this is very handy off the water and even more responsive than its fibreglass only sibling.

* illustrated with optional wooden gunwales and comfort ash seats.


Construction:  fibreglass/carbon/Kevlar laminate with vinylester resin

Gunwales:        vinyl

Seat:                  standard ash wood seats

Yoke:                 standard

Colour:              White 


Length:             14ft 9in, 4.5m

Width:              32in, 0.81m

Weight:            25Kg 


Finished Canoe.                £1,499


Wood Gunwales – solid                          £200

Wood Gunwales – scuppered               £250

Ash Wood Comfort Seats                         £20

Ash Seats with Hand Woven Cane        £90

Deep Dished Yoke                                      £25

STOP PRESS! - 1 available for (almost) immediate delivery

Due to a slight change in plans we have a white Trekk 16T-CKV being completed in the next few days.  It is finished in Polar White with black aluminium gunwales and black end decks.  Photos to follow shortly.  Call Mark on 07833 474374 to discuss or contact us on the home page.

Price £1,499