Trekk 12S-CKV


Solo Tripping Canoe


Smallest Trekk in the range this is a pocket-sized powerhouse of a canoe.  If weight is your primary concern how does 18Kg strike you?

Being short is no disadvantage when it comes to making progress either.  The arched hull shape and minimal rocker means an extremely stiff hull with a low wetted area and great tracking to ensure low resistance in the water and a more efficient power stroke.  This is probably the fastest boat on the market under four meters, with the exception of the specialist high kneelers perhaps.

We know what our customers like so we've chosen to specify the standard model with wooden gunwales at no extra cost and a flat kneeling seat.  Of course, these things are for you to change if you wish, along with specifying of the colour of your choice.



Construction:  Carbon/Kevlar®/glass laminate with vinylester resin

Gunwales:        Wood - solid

Seat:                   single standard ash wood seat, kneeling thwart or ash wood kneeling seat

Yoke:                  none

Colour:               White



Length:             12ft 4in, 3.76m

Width:               30in, 0.76m

Weight:             18Kg



Finished Canoe        £1,199


Wood Gunwales – scuppered                  £50

Vinyl Gunwales (reduction)                     -£100

Ash Wood Comfort Seat                            £10

Ash Seat with Hand Woven Cane           £45