Trax 16S-CFE


Solo Racing Canoe

Designed for the dedicated endurance racer, this canoe is also a delight in use on lakes, canals and deep rivers.  It is designed with light weight as the priority with less emphasis on durability than any other Apache canoe.  Alternatively, having the width set to 32 inches transforms the canoe into a lovely quiet water solo boat.

Note: Due consideration should be given to the construction method, which, is extremely light and stiff, but will not take the punishment that the fibreglass based boats will, without potential damage. There’s a reason it’s used in F1 cars, which is a perfect example of how the material resists tremendous forces, whilst being less good in collision with hard objects! 


Construction:  carbon fibre/Kevlar© laminate with epoxy resin

Gunwales:        vinyl

Seat:                   single standard ash wood seat, kneeling thwart or ash wood kneeling seat

Yoke:                  standard

Airbag securing rings fitted

Colour:              choose from Select range or leave with Carbon weave visible


Length:            15ft 10in, 4.83m

Width:              28in, 0.76m or in quiet water spec, 32in, 0.81m

Weight:            17Kg


Finished Canoe.               £2,199


Wood Gunwales – solid             £200

Wood Gunwales – scuppered  £250

Ash Wood Comfort Seat               £10

Deep Dished Yoke                          £25