Fibreglass mat with polyester resin - FMP models

Having worked with all forms of fibre, this combination has been our most popular for the leisure paddlers over the years and with good reason.  It has much in common with the typical production canoes that are made from polyethylene. It is strong, versatile and represents excellent value.

However, it is superior to polyethylene (PE) in two key areas.  Firstly, it's typically 10% lighter.  This is actually weighed on a scale after completion of each canoe.  Secondly, the hull is much stiffer, meaning that more of the input from your paddle is translated into movement, making the canoe more responsive.

All canoes can be damaged if they hit something hard enough, however, the benefit of mat is that it is tough and damage is localised, there being no direction to the weave. Such damage, and it takes a surprising amount to do it, can usually be repaired easily with no loss of integrity to the hull. Like boats made from materials such as Royalex (no longer available), the Classic FMP construction allows the canoe to yield in contact with large objects, such as boulders, and then spring back in to shape.


Finally, did we mention that they come in a beautiful shiny finish in the colour, or colours, of your choice?  Our Select range of seven colours is included in the standard price, however, you can also choose from just about any colour available or even two tone at extra cost if required.

The inside of these boats will be coated with a smooth flowcoat to complete the high quality finish of your canoe.  Much tougher than paint, it will retain its good looks for many years and the colour will be chosen, by you, to complement the exterior.