Trekk 15T-FMP


Tandem Day Trip or Solo Tripping Canoe

The most popular model in the range due to its all-round appeal, with a great combination of stability, nimble handling and straight-line tracking. This is the compact one to do it all.  Optimised for one person and enough gear for camping or alternatively a passenger for the day paddling rivers up to grade 3, canals or lakes.

The sides of the canoe are cut to a standard height offering a good balance between enough freeboard for a dry ride (bearing in mind it is an open canoe) and not being so high that they catch the wind on open water.


Construction:  fibreglass with polyester resin lay-up

Gunwales:        vinyl

Seat:                  two standard ash wood seats

Yoke:                 standard

Colour:              choose from Select range


Length:             14ft 9in, 4.5m

Width:               32in, 0.81m

Weight:             31Kg


Finished Canoe             £899

Kit                                      £699


Wood Gunwales – solid                   £200

Wood Gunwales – scuppered        £250

Ash Wood Comfort Seat                    £20

Deep Dished Yoke                               £25