Build Option

Having chosen the right canoe, it's time to customise it.  The beauty of having your boat made just for you is that you are not limited to what happens to be in stock from the last container load. So, time to make it yours.

Completing a canoe is a balance between budget, time and skills.  At Apache we believe that those who wish to connect with their canoe by finishing the build and fitting it out should have the opportunity to do so.  Conversely, if you would rather we, not only finished the canoe but, made it ready for the water, you only have to ask.


Option 1: Finished Canoe

Your canoe fully finished, with gunwales and seats fitted to your specification, ready for you to fit out to your taste.  The minimum you will need is some buoyancy bags, unless you have opted to have the tanks built in to the canoe.

Option 2: Ready to Play

Starting with Finished Canoe of Option 1, we will then add the following to truly make your boat ready to take to the water:

· Buoyancy bags secured with a D ring and webbing strap

· Lacing down the sides of the canoe, with cargo loops

· End loops on white water canoes

· Painters

· Mats

Option 3: Canoe Kit

For those who truly want to join in and feel that sense of achievement, the hull, gunwale, end plates and seat kit is your way to have the boat you want at the keenest price.

You will have to cut your shiny, newly minted canoe with a saw and drill holes in it.  This is for the experienced or the brave, however, we will supply all the advice and support you need!

This option is only available for our Classic construction canoes.