The widest choice of colours in the World!

Here you can let your imagination go.  Gone is the red or green restriction of the polyethylene world.  Admittedly, many opt for the extremely tasteful ivory colour as this has the added advantage of being the same colour as the native fibreglass and, as well as looking very classy, it disguises the wear marks better than darker shades.

It's worth remembering that canoes, more than any other waterborne craft, are subject to contact with the bottom of the lake or river; after all you don't see many dinghies on a grade 2 rapid.  The gel coat is tougher than paint, but, there's no denying that the lighter the colour, the prettier it stays.

The Select range offers a choice of 7 outside and 4 inside colours.  For a modest upgrade there is an option to choose almost any colour you like. For those wanting something truly unique there is almost no limit; pink camo is out there!

On Quiet Water canoes, there is also the option to have the Carbon Kevlar weave showing through on the inside.  If you've got it, flaunt it, as they say!

Outside Colours


Bright Blue


Light Bright Green




Your Choice at Extra Cost

Inside Colours