Trekk 14S-FMP


Solo Tripping Canoe

Optimised for rivers with rapids, up to grade 3, lakes and canals this canoe is fun, fast turning with lively handling and surprising speed for its length.  The arched hull, ample rocker and straight sides provide good secondary stability and on white water the Trekk 14 inspires confidence, as it dances from wave to wave before punching effortlessly into the eddies.


Construction: fibreglass with polyester resin lay-up

Gunwales:       vinyl

Seat:                 single standard ash wood seat, kneeling thwart or ash wood kneeling seat

Yoke:                standard

Colour:             choose from Select range


Length:            14ft, 4.27m

Width:              33in, 0.83m

Weight:            30Kg


Finished Canoe              £779

Kit                                       £629


Wood Gunwales – solid                   £200

Wood Gunwales – scuppered        £250

Ash Wood Comfort Seat                     £10

Deep Dished Yoke                                £25