Quiet Water


Carbon/Kevlar®/Fibreglass with Vinylester Resin – CKV Models

This represents an upgrade over the fibreglass mat in two of the key areas; weight and stiffness.  In terms of weight, the finished canoe will be typically 30% lighter than the PE equivalent, and the vinylester resin adds to the stiffness, even with a finer laminate.  These canoes are lighter even than our Expedition layup.

Naturally, these hulls react differently to being hammered in to a rock.  The shock transmission characteristics of the cloth means a hole is less likely and therefore, if finishing a race is the most important priority, it will be more likely to get you there.

Racing is one use, however, for those looking for a canoe with less weight and greater response in quiet water, this could be the perfect compromise.  You may wish to portage around the larger rapids that your friend in his Classic or Expedition boat is happy to tackle, however, the weight advantage will make this all the easier.

Colours are just as flexible as the fibreglass boats, although the inside will be clear to show the carbon/Kevlar® weave and save weight.

Quiet Water Canoe Range

Apache Trekk 16S-CKV

Our friends at Dryline Boating at Beale Park near Reading