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Free Demonstrations by Arrangement

For this season, Apache has an extensive fleet of canoes available for you to try.  We will be attending various events around the country with up to 8 canoes.

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lsoIf you can’t wait, then there are many other ways you can try out an Apache canoe.  Firstly, the demo fleet lives in Wirral, so call us to arrange to paddle the canoe or canoes you would like to try.  Local demos are free and without obligation and will be based on a local canal or lake.  We can also supply buoyancy aids and paddles, so if this is to be your first canoe and you have none of your own kit, this is no problem.

Alternatively, the fleet will be at Alderford Lake in Whitchurch, for hiring by the hour.  Have a look at the Hire page for details.

For a large party requiring demos, or if you belong to a club, it is possible to bring the fleet to you, in which case we may ask for a contribution to the costs of the expenses.

Canoes in the demo fleet at the moment are:

Classic Range



TREKK 16T-FMP     (demo canoe in ivory for sale £970)

TREKK 165T-FMP   (demo canoe in white for sale £990)

TRIBE 16T-FMP      (demo canoe in blue for sale £1,099)

Expedition Range (Carbon/Innegra)

TREKK 15T-CIX        (demo canoe in ivory for sale £1,499)

Quiet Water Range (Carbon/Kevlar)

TREKK 12S-CKV      (demo canoe in turquoise for sale £1,199)

TREKK 15T-CKV      (demo canoe in white for sale £1,499)

TREKK 16S-CKV      (demo canoe in green, ash gunwales £1,599)

Edenwood Solo 

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