Trekk 165T-CIX


Tandem tripping canoe

The latest addition to the Apache range, we are very excited about this canoe.  Not to be compared with the Trekk16S, this canoe has more volume and freeboard to carry two in comfort on rivers, lakes and canals with their camping gear.  As with all Apache canoes, paddling pleasure is a high priority and this one makes those long distances seem to shrink.

With a shallow arch in the hull and plenty of rocker this canoe has many of the characteristics of the famous Prospector boats of old.  It handles the white water with ease, keeping its occupants and all their belongings nice and dry.  A logical step up from the Trekk 15T for those with a friend who wants to come along for an extended trip.

The Expedition, Carbon/Innegra composite construction sets it apart from the FMP model by being noticeably lighter whilst retaining most of its durability.


Construction:  carbon/Innegra/fibreglass with vinylester resin lay-up

Gunwales:        vinyl

Seat:                  two standard ash wood seats

Yoke:                 deep dished

Colour:              choose from Select range

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Length:            16ft 5in, 5.0m

Width:              35in, 0.89m

Weight:            28Kg


Finished Canoe.           £1,599

Ready to Play.               £1,849

more about build options


Wood Gunwales – solid                  £200

Wood Gunwales – scuppered       £250

Ash Wood Comfort Seats                 £20