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Solo Tripping Canoe

Optimised for one person for everything from day paddling to camping off rivers with rapids up to grade 2, lakes and canals.  The sides of the canoe are cut to a standard height offering good balance between enough freeboard for a dry ride (bearing in mind it is an open canoe!) and not being so high that they catch the wind on open water.

With a shallower arch in the hull than the Trekk 14, this canoe is great for the beginner looking for lots of primary stability.  As skills are honed, the hull allows the keen paddler heel the canoe confidently and make elaborate shapes on the water with minimal input.

The Expedition, Carbon/Innegra composite construction sets it apart from the FMP model by being noticeably lighter whilst retaining most of its durability.



Construction:  carbon/Innegra/fibreglass with vinylester resin lay-up

Gunwales:        vinyl

Seat:                  single standard ash wood seat, kneeling thwart or ash wood kneeling seat

Yoke:                 deep dished

Colour:             choose from Select range

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Length:             14ft 9in, 4.5m

Width:               32in, 0.81m

Weight:             26Kg.


Finished Canoe               £1,449

Ready to Play                   £1,699

More about build options


Wood Gunwales – solid                    £200

Wood Gunwales – scuppered         £250

Ash Wood Comfort Seat                      £10