Apache Expedition Canoes

For those who want to take their canoes a little further, we appreciate that anything which makes it easier is welcome.  By using Carbon Fibre combined with Innegra, a polypropylene fibre, we have created canoes which are strong, whilst being lighter than the Classic range.  Perfect for longer trips.

To keep them durable, whilst reflecting the premium construction, all CIX canoes are fitted with aluminium gunwales as standard.  To make them easier to carry further, they all have Deep Dished Yokes too.

More about expedition construction

Trekk 14S-CIX


Solo Tripping Canoe


Trekk 15S-CIX


Solo Tripping Canoe


Trekk 15T-CIX


Tandem Tripping Canoe


Trekk 16S-CIX


Solo Tripping Canoe