Carbon/Innegra/Fibreglass with Vinylester Resin - CIX models

The perfect choice for those looking to reduce the weight of their canoe without compromising the strength.  The use of Innegra, a polypropylene fibre, to sandwich the carbon fibre makes for a strong layup which will take  more abuse than traditional lightweight composites which use only carbon fibre.. 

If you need to be convinced of the ability of this composite there is plenty to see on YouTube.  Notably, Stephen Wright, a World Champion kayaker, is delighted that his boats are made using Innegra and he regularly paddles grade 5 rapids!  Additionally, it’s used to great effect on Hawaii’s North shore where even fibreglass boards have been known to snap in half.

By including this in the Trekk models we are creating our Expedition range of boats. Apache is famous for making strong canoes and with the CIX composite, customers can enjoy a rugged, lighter weight canoe with improved portability.

Expedition Canoe Range